Vendor Policies


Notice to Special Event Clients:

In an effort to ensure a more pleasurable environment for our guests and to preserve the beauty of the estate, the procedures listed below are hereby in effect when securing vendors. By defining these expectations and procedures, we hope to produce a quality event. Please review the following expectations we have of your vendors and make them aware of these conditions at The Graylyn Estate. After reviewing these policies, please sign at the bottom and return a copy to your Special Events Coordinator.

  1. Driving, parking or unloading on any landscaped area including but not limited to grass, mulch, etc., without permission from the WFU Manager of Landscaping Services is prohibited. Manor House deliveries may be made from the front of the house or the rear. Vendors may choose which is most convenient for their particular needs.
  2. Vendors are expected to make delivery and parking arrangements at least 72 hours in advance with your Special Events Coordinator. Load in/out assistance is available if scheduled 72 hours in advance of the event. Arrangements may be made and paid for by either the vendor or the client.
  3. When unloading street-side, vendors should pull as close to the edge of the lawn as possible keeping all wheels on the pavement and for safety reasons use the emergency flashers. It is imperative that while unloading, neither a vehicle nor supplies block the front drive or entrance of Graylyn.
  4. Vendors must work quietly as conferences, dining, or overnight guests may be affected.
  5. Stakes may not be driven into the ground in any irrigated area without permission from the WFU Manager of Landscaping Services. Irrigated areas currently include the White Garden, the Rear Terrace, the Mews, the Rose Garden and areas directly surrounding the Manor House. However, as irrigated areas are subject to change, it is best to consult with your Special Events Coordinator before driving any stakes.
  6. Pruning, tying, removing, breaking, walking upon, laying equipment upon or otherwise damaging or altering landscape ornamentals to include trees, shrubs, flowers, vines and groundcovers is prohibited.
  7. Drilling or otherwise anchoring into buildings, walls, patios, walkways, drives, doors, etc. is prohibited.
  8. Care should be taken when locating portable generators and similar equipment that exhaust does not blow directly onto plant material.
  9. Your florist and baker should make every effort to remove all materials placed by them as soon as possible after the event in which they were used. Graylyn assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged materials left on the premises.
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